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October 10, 17

Where is 91 Chapel located?

Downtown Nanaimo just North of The Modern Cafe and beside Studio NA.

October 10, 17

How many floors?

6 floors, two buildings connected by an outside courtyard.

October 10, 17

Concrete or wood frame construction?

Wood Frame: Our construction exceeds the building code requirement for sound transmission. Our construction will be somewhere between Market rate and Luxury. 12” concrete slab between floors 1 and 2. Between floors 2 – 6 there is 12” TGI plywood and 1’.5” concrete topper. Between the walls: 10” party walls…

October 10, 17

How many condos?

61 condos.

October 10, 17

Will there be ocean views?

Yes, homes on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors that face East toward Georgia Straight will enjoy partial corridor ocean views.

October 10, 17

When can I move in?

We anticipate occupancy the middle to end of 2019.

October 10, 17

When will construction begin?

On or before March 2018.

October 10, 17

How much is the deposit?

10% which is given at the time you write your contract. Then you have 7 days to review the contract and disclosure statement. After 7 days, the rescission period, the contract is firm and binding. You will then pay the balance of the purchase price upon completion. OR if you…

October 10, 17

What is a disclosure statement?

A disclosure statement is a statement that discloses material facts about a development property, “material fact” means, in relation to a development unit or development property, any of the following: A fact, or a proposal to do something, that affects, or could reasonably be expected to affect, the value, price,…

October 10, 17

Will pets be allowed?

Yes, either 1 dog or 1 cat or 2 dogs or 2 cats.

October 10, 17

Are there any age or rental restrictions?

No age or rental restrictions.

October 10, 17

Is there GST?

Yes, GST is payable. Please consult your account.

October 10, 17

Is there a GST rebate?

Please consult your account. There is a proportionate rebate on new homes up to $450,000.

October 10, 17

Any other taxes?

You are exempt from paying property transfer tax if you purchase under $750,000 and it is your primary residence. Consult your advisor.

October 10, 17

What are the property taxes for the live work homes?

According to BC Assessment, valuation will be calculated on the value or the residential and commercial classifications, approximately 80% and 20% respectively. Therefore, the owner will pay 8.14% on the residential valuation and approximately 21.28% on the commercial valuation. If, however, BC Assessment determines that the value in the home…

October 10, 17

Can an owner of a live work sublease the work space?

Yes, The City of Nanaimo has no stipulation on not subleasing the commercial component. Unless or until such time that the owners vote and the strata changes the bylaw.

October 10, 17

What are the strata fees at 91 Chapel?

Two bedroom with a parking stall has a monthly strata fee $221.50/ One bedroom with parking stall has a monthly strata fee of $177.20/ One bedroom and live work without parking stall monthly strata fee of $132.90

October 10, 17

Can I mix and match between the color pallets?


October 10, 17

Is there New Home Warranty?

Yes, a 2, 5 and 10 with National Home Warranty.

October 10, 17

Do the fireplaces give heat?

Yes, the 5th and 6th floors have gas fire places with a fan and a pilot light that can be off or on and operated from a remote. The 1-4th floors have electric fire places with a fan and remote. The 5th and 6th floor homes are separately metered for…

October 10, 17

Are appliances included with the purchase and what will they be?

All of the 1 bedrooms come standard with a Whirlpool appliance package including fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer. And the 2 bedrooms come standard with a Kitchen Aid appliance package including a fridge, stove, dishwasher, front loading washer and dryer.

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August 30, 17

91 Chapel featured in Nanaimo News Bulletin

“Island Creek Developments is moving forward with a six-storey condominium project on 91 Chapel St. The building, which will be constructed on a 1,660 square metre site that was once home to a movie theatre and bowling lanes, features...

August 23, 17

Huge Announcement from Island Ferries

Island Ferry Services Ltd made a huge announcement today regarding the passenger only Ferry coming to Nanaimo. The quote below is from the Facebook announcement post. “Following numerous exchanges of proposals and direct negotiations, we are pleased to report...

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